In our previous blog post, we spoke about back pain & its causes. Today we will discuss how to relieve & fix back pain.


  1. Sleep:

Back pain can become quite annoying when you’re losing sleep over it, we suggest for you to sleep on either one of your sides with a pillow in between your legs to keep your spine in a neutral position & relieve strain on your back. You could also sleep on your back ensuring you have a pillow under your knees.


  1. Posture:

Poor posture can make back pain worse, especially if you sit for long periods of time. Try sitting upright, with your shoulders relaxed and your body supported against the back of your chair. You can also try putting a pillow or a rolled towel between your lower back and your seat. & Keep your feet flat on the floor.


  1. Physical therapy:

Before taking pills, anti-inflammatory medication or any other form of over the counter medication, try visiting a chiropractor & or a physical therapist. They will teach you how to sit, stand, stretch, etc.

They could also teach you specialized exercises that strengthen the core muscles & help support your back. Remember! A strong core is one of the best ways to prevent more back pain in the future. It does take time.

A chiropractor could also do spinal realignment for you which might help drastically.


  1. Exercise:

As mentioned above, a strong core is important, but this can only be achieved by exercising regularly.

Exercise has been found to be one of the most effective ways to relieve back pain quickly. Try swimming, walking, or yoga.


  1. Ice & heat:

Both heat & ice can aid in easing back pain.

Wrap some ice in a thin towel & apply to painful areas, this might help reduce pain & inflammation.

Try this several times a day for up to 20 minutes at a time.

After a few days, switch to heat. Apply a heating pad or warm pack to help relax your muscles and increase blood flow to the affected area. You also can try warm baths to help with relaxation. To avoid burns and tissue damage, never sleep on a heating pad.


  1. Stretch:

Gently stretch your muscles regularly. Generally, stiff muscles have been one of the main causes of back pain.


  1. Pamper:

Go for messages regularly. It might not be a long-term fix but it sure does alleviate some pain from all the hard work you’ve been doing.