Every now & then, we enjoy throwing in a wellness blog because you enjoy it so much. In today’s wellness blog, we address the topic of bullying in adults. Yes, adults get bullied too & here are a few ways on how to cope.

Whether you’re being bullied or a co-worker or just someone you know, there are mechanisms of coping (even though it might seem unlikely at the time).

How to identify if you’re being bullied:

  • Aggression: Usually the bully tends to scream & shout at you for no apparent reason.
  • Demanding: The bully will certainly dictate what he/she expects from you without reason or a second thought.
  • Domineering: Again, the bully will intimidate you to perhaps either do as they say or give them what they want.
  • Physical signs: The most obvious type of bullying is when the person strikes you/attempts to/threatens to.
  • Invasion of your space: this can be anything from taking your personal belongings/shoving. For example, If you are at work in your cubicle & the bully comes inside & sits right on your desk or stands right in front of you with the aim of making you uncomfortable.
  • Verbal signs: they usually always verbally abuse their victim by calling them bad names/ swearing at them.

Here are 4 ways in which you could deal with being bullied:

  1. Understand the bully: Happy people don’t usually go around bulling the next person so ask yourself, is there perhaps a challenge he/she might be facing? & then detach yourself from pain. Words are nothing if we don’t allow it to hurt us. Usually, we give words the power to infiltrate into our minds & consume us.
  2. Don’t respond: Whether they pass remarks or a text message, do not respond. The moment you respond, they take it as an invitation to go further.
  3. Take it with a pinch of salt: Try to add some humor, perhaps giggle it off & let it go & REMEMBER, no one is better than the next.
  4. Approach: Depending on who the bully is, approach accordingly. & remember, we can’t fight fire with fire so we analyze the situation. (For example, if it’s a person in the workplace such as your manager, you might want to find a way around it instead of taking it directly to your manager & confronting him/her, instead find a mediator & take it from there.)