With just 6 months to go till 2020, you still have enough of a chance to boost your career even further in the right direction.

Here are some ways in which we think might help with this ‘micro-resolution’ plan:

  1. Set realistic goals:

It’s easy to say, “I’m going to lose weight”, but what does that really mean? Be specific with your goal and set a realistic number.

Then, start small. Having a big goal is completely okay but it helps to break down the overarching goals into micro-goals, they’re easier to achieve & help boost your confidence. As your self-confidence increases so should your motivation. You’ll be on a path to achieving your goal in six months flat!

  1. Set reminders:

With a busy life or simply no motivation, we can get sidetracked so we suggest putting your goals into your calendar & set reminders.


  1. Note down your achievements:

Change is difficult & you should definitely acknowledge your success, keeping a journal or placing your achievements in your calendar will boost your morale and spirit. Even if you don’t meet your overarching 6-month resolution, at least you can look back and be proud of the micro successes you had along the way.