Best ways for doctors to deal with stress?

As a medical professional dealing with stress is a daily occurrence. There is no simple way of putting it but when a physician suffers from burn out, it can have some detrimental consequences.

Most people look at a doctor and his white coat as if he is an angel bringing about the gift of longevity. As physicians, we are aware of our limitations. Still, a poor judgement call can leave even the best physician with feelings of tremendous guilt and shame.

So where do we doctors draw the line on our own emotions?

How do we deal with that sort of pressure without ending up dead or killing someone? I am being sarcastic. Take a chill pill. I was not being serious. Do not take that literally. Many doctors have dark humor. It comes with the trade.

There are 6 ways to help you keep calm

  1. Stay positive
  • There are days when our empathy reserves seem to be running on low. Those are the days that it becomes imperative to find that positive light of inspiration and hold on to it with everything we have.
  • While many Physicians complain about their work load, there are just as many people who are toiling with jobs that they can’t stand being in. Remind yourself that the worst is actually over and you are at a point in your life that many people only dream of. Making it through medical school was an achievement that society will keep paying you for. The honour and respect that you gained supersedes the negative aspects. The best part is one’s ability to really make a difference to someone’s life.
  1. Detach yourself and breathe
  • Take a break and get some fresh air. It can change your perspective on things and works wonders to calm your soul during tense situations. Every few hours, get outside and practice proper breathing techniques that will prevent you from holding onto pent up feelings.
  1. Find an outlet
  • I attend Jujitsu classes three nights a week. I find that literally punching and kicking out the stress on a punching bag works for me. While some may find a creative outlet more useful, others prefer pounding the pavement or working out their frustrations. Whatever it may be, so long as it takes your mind off work for a while, it is sure to help you unwind.
  1. Practice debriefing
  • Sit down with a trusted co-worker and discuss the issues that are bringing you down. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that an understanding ear is all it takes to figure out what your next step should be.
  1. Meditation
  • The sense of calmness derived from special meditation techniques designed to center, soothe and pacify your soul is priceless. Early mornings seem to be perfect for meditation and most appropriate to fit in some quiet time to yourself.
  1. Spirituality
  • Be aware of the higher power which is your driving force, propelling you towards your purpose daily. You are not in control of anything.

Remember that caring for your own self first will equipped you with the tools you require to care for others. It all begins with you. If your life has balance and stability you will be able to provide the best to those who need your help.