How to embrace Winter with a warm welcome – Guide for medical practitioners who hate Winter

Everyone doesn’t have the option to pack up and migrate to a tropical island before Winter sets in. A few of us suffer from seasonal disorder. Winter blues and the thought of facing long cold nights seem rather daunting. While it may seem that Winter hinders any semblance of a social life, it need not have to be that way.

It is as easy as changing your mindset and telling yourself that this year will be different.

Get out those Winter coats and stock up on thermal underwear and socks.It is as easy as altering your mindset and telling yourself that this year will be different. For some of us Winter means extra heating bills and piling on the weight. For others it is an opportunity to recuperate and prepare for a beautiful Summer. There are loads of fun Winter activities for those who dare to get out there and make the best of the cold weather.

  • Enhance your surroundings with wonderful warm earthy tones. Redecorate your space and make it comfortable. After all you will be spending the greater part of your time indoors.
  • Initiate a book club and get together with friends.
  • Invite family and friends over for potluck dinners.
  • Take up an online course that will build on your resume.
  • Adopt a furry friend to take long walks outdoors.
  • Join a local gym or indoor heated pool and spa.
  • Host a games night. Cards, darts and board games can be loads of fun if you have the right company.
  • Experiment with different recipes and spoil your friends with some home-made goodies.
  • Open a soup kitchen and raise funds for the homeless.
  • Collect blankets and warm clothes and go out and distribute it to those in need.
  • Organize a Winter walking club and get some fresh air whenever the weather permits you to do so.
  • Prepare Winter packs with gloves and teddy bears and visit a children’s hospital to distribute it to kids.
  • Go ice-skating.
  • Discover a log cabin in the countryside. Switch off technology and get away for a whole weekend of relaxation.
  • Tackle creative projects at home.

With an impressive to do list like this, Winter can bring a sparkle and warmth, enjoyment and excitement. You don’t have to hibernate this Winter. Make a difference to someone else’s life. It will warm up your heart and bring forth so much of contentment within you.