With it being a new year, we all want something to change for the better in our lives hence why people keep resolutions.

In today’s blog, we will share several different ways you could get motivated, up to speed & productive in the year 2020!


  1. Stop worrying.

We don’t say forget about everything & go on another vacation but rather set standards that are possible & reasonable. Let life flow & work around it without letting too much slip from your hands. An example of this could be applying for a job with us early in advance so that we can worry about the nitty-gritty rather than you (we have a skilled team to aid you).

Stop over agonizing every detail & rather take a breath of fresh air & start again.

We sometimes overthink things & let’s be honest. That’s the bulk of our problem right there.

Moral of the story is be reasonable with yourself first. Put you first.


  1. Remind yourself of your goals.

Like we mentioned, set reasonable goals. Then when or if you get despondent, tired or just not in the mood, remember why you are doing what you are & push through.

It could be anything from a dream vacation to a diploma. You could even put a picture of your goal on your desktop page so that you be reminded every time you open your PC.


  1. 5 to 10-minute rule:

Give yourself 5 to 10 minutes to work on that dreaded task & then you can stop.

It’ll give you enough time to break through your apathy & get down to it. Before you know it, an hour has flown y & you’re done!


  1. Fix your posture:

As simple as this may sound, fixing your posture or adjusting your physiology changes your brain & can help you buckle down & get things done.

So, quit frowning your brow & clenching your jaw, use a standing desk, get moving, smile, laugh & enjoy your new you!


  1. Picture yourself succeeding.

You might get a rush of dopamine (a chemical that’s strongly connected with motivation).

Once you start associating positive feelings with the finishing task, you will find it easier to stay motivated & pull yourself through it effortlessly.


  1. Celebrate your achievements!

At the end of each day, look at what you have accomplished & give yourself a reward. It can be anything from a bar of chocolate, a massage or an actual pat on the back.

By looking at how far you’ve come, you might just want to rethink your goals & add on a thing or two.